Bitcoin Models

Lately, there has been a lot of talk of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies in the media. More and more people are educating themselves on Crypto and Bitcoin in particular. Bitcoin is a truly decentralized digital currency that bypasses intermediaries like banks and governments. The majority of people buy and sell bitcoin speculating on a higher or lower price. Recently, because of rampant inflation due to governments quantitative easing programs during the covid pandemic, individuals and corporations have been eyeing Bitcoin as a store of value

Even though in the last couple of months Bitcoin has seen a sudden drop from a high of $64000 down to a current price of approx £34000 (Todays Bitcoin Price) the interest in Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies, in general, has been on the rise. Despite the price volatility and hacking concerns people like the idea of having the ability to bypass traditional banks and intermediaries.

One of the issues with Bitcoin in years previously was the lack of outlets willing to take Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.
Fortunately, this is starting to change and there is an increasing number of well-known large businesses such as PayPal, Visa, and Microsoft(Xbox) who are encouraging the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their platforms for payment for products and services. Individuals can also make use of crypto credit cards.

Major international cities such as London, New York, and Los Angels, are overflowing with ultra-high net worth individuals. These types of people expect the best of the best in all aspects of their lives. When their minds turn to entertainment and perhaps a companion for the evening, they expect discretion and the creme de la creme of TOP high-class escorts One way you can ensure discretion is by paying with Bitcoin, it offers secure and private transactions at any time

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