Club ill Repute Models are not employed by Club ill Repute. By joining Club iLL Repute it is implicit that the Models have signed our independent contractor agreement.

Independent contractors are not employed by Club ill Repute. They work as a third party and are responsible for their own taxes and business expenses.



The agreement is entered into as on “Models Joining Date” by and between Club iLL Repute, hereafter referred to as the Agency, with its principal place of business in London and, “Model joining name” hereafter referred to as the Model.

Model enters into this agreement as, and shall continue to be, an independent contractor. Under no circumstances shall Model look to the Agency as an employer, but as an agent that procures employment (Modelling and Companionship jobs) for the Model. Model shall not be entitled to any benefits provided to Agency employees, including but not limited to workers compensation, disability insurance, and vacation or sick pay. Agency shall be responsible for providing, at no additional expense to the Model, all clients and promotion required to perform the services necessary for this agreement. Agency also guarantees that any and all Modelling/Companionship jobs procured by Agency on Model’s behalf will comply with all local laws and civil codes

Whereas the below listed Model wishes to retain the below listed Agency as Model’s promoter and representative, the below listed parties hereby agree to enter into this Modeling Agency Contract.
AGENCY: Club iLL Repute
MODEL: Name as submitted to Agency

CONTRACT TIMELINE: Date of Joining – Date of Termination

 “Model joining name” hereby appoints  to represent them, as Agency, in any and all forms regarding modelling, contracts, shows, and any other business matters related to their Companionship and modelling career.
Once this contract comes into effect, the Model may seek counsel or advice from the Agency, and/or its members, regarding all professional matters that are within the scope of this Contract. 
In the case of the Model witnessing or having witnessed, or facing or having faced, any inappropriate, unethical, immoral, or illegal behaviour when working with/for the Agency, including all modelling jobs and time spent at Agency’s offices and among Agency’s personnel, the Model has the right to report this behaviour back to the Agency, go on record with Agency’s legal and HR departments as applicable, and receive sound advice and guidance from Agency that will outline next steps, if required, are taken to ensure Model’s career and independent contractor status remain professional and supported by the Agency.  
Model also agrees that seeking the Agency’s professional opinion (unlike reporting inappropriate behaviour) is the Model’s choice, and the Agency’s opinions are given at its own discretion. Model will not hold the Agency or any of its members liable for any unfavourable outcomes, directly or indirectly, resulting from any Agency advice. 
Club iLL Repute has been granted the exclusive right to use the Model’s name, as well as all approved portraits and pictures in connection with the advertising and/or publicity for  . Agency may publicise that it is the exclusive personal manager for Model, as well as offer similar services to others in close regard to Model without any breach of terms or contract.
Model agrees to update all contact cards, photographs, calendars and any other promotional items on a regular basis as agreed upon between Parties.
Model agrees to pay the Agency a set percentage of (Agreed.Percentage) % of all monies, fees or types of other contributions received by Model for the duration of this Companionship Modelling Agency Contract.
 The model shall collect all monies and payments for jobs conducted throughout the duration of this Agreement and will pay The Agency (Agreed.Payment.Percentage) % from said funds.
Model shall, for sake of taxes, state fees, and regulations be considered an independent contractor and will be responsible for all payments of such fees made due.
This Modelling Agency Contract shall commence on (Model Joining Date) and end on (Model Termination Date). The Parties may, orally, agree to extend this Modelling Agency Contract past (the Termination Date) at their discretion.
The Parties will at all times conduct themselves professionally and will do nothing considered unethical or unlawful during the term of this Agreement. Furthermore, the Parties will not partake in any actions that may impair their capabilities to comply with the terms of this Agreement.
By signing this Contract, it is understood that Model, Agency, Agency employees and other Agency models all agree to abide by all rules and regulations put into place by the Agency.
Both parties agree and understand that they may not engage in any relationship that goes beyond the nature of a professional working relationship, including those viewed as romantic workplace relationships, even if the relationships are consensual, for the duration of this Contract.
The Model agrees that the Agency will not be responsible for any injuries or harm, and will not create a health insurance policy for the Model. The Model must look after their own health and well-being. 
In case any actions of the Model result in any liability or harm to the Agency or any of its partners or investors, the Model will be required to pay for it themselves. The Agency reserves the right to not pay for any harm or damages directly or indirectly caused by the Model. 
Both Parties agree to make a reasonable effort to ensure that the contract is fruitful, so that it benefits the Model’s career, and hence the Agency’s commission. If the Model shows a poor work ethic or misses shoots on (Number) occasions without any prior and proper notice, the Agency reserves the right to terminate the contract without providing any prior notice.