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Sex and Drugs

Posted by admin on March 7, 2019

An altered mental and physical state has been a part of sexual experience since the beginning of time. There is no actual record of when human beings beginning using herbal and chemical substances to enhance their sensual experiences, but it is a fact these days a lot of people use a lot of different drugs to expand and enhance the pleasure that comes from sexual activity. Fortunately or unfortunately the need to get "off your head" is a part of human nature and we have found ways to introduce drugs into our sexual activities be it Alcohol, Cocaine, Ecstasy or Mushrooms.


Using drugs to enhance sexual pleasure is a hit and miss thing, because drugs can have wildly different effects from one person to the other. Because of this and due to some of these drugs being illegal, it is not recommended that people engage it these activities. If you must indulge it is important that you have at least the minimal amount of information on what you are doing before you dive headfirst into what could be a mind blowing experience... or a total let down.


Let's start with Alcohol because it likely is the drug involved in most sexual encounters these days. Surveys show alcohol to be present in 50% of sexual encounters. Some recreational drinkers can get sexually aroused or orgasm while using alcohol but conversely others will have problems with arousal and more so orgasm. 


Its unlikely that sex is more enjoyable after a few drinks, but it has an disinhibiting effect that may reduce social anxiety and allow one to relax. You may be able to speak freely of your fantasies and desires. This is a good thing but beware because along with these positive effects you will find that copious amounts of alcohol can negatively effect your decision making process giving rise to poor judgement and risky sexual behaviour.


Drugs such as Crystal Meth and Speed come under the category of Amphetamines. Research suggests that amphetamines of all hard drugs are considered to have the best aphrodisiac effects. Amphetamines boost the release of  Dopamine and Norepinephrine in our brains. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure and Norepinephrine stimulates, energizes and enhances focus. Although physical sensations can be enhanced, Amphetamines can also delay climax. This can lead to marathon sex sessions lasting many hours. The negative aspect of this is that the body can be pushed to such an extent that bleeding can occurs as the body is rubbed raw. Another down side is that too much amphetamine can lead men to loose their erection and sleep will not be forthcoming because speed/crystal will definitely keep you awake!


Ecstasy/MDMA This is a psychoactive hallucinogen. Once again sexual experience with this drug varies from person to person. Some men and women say they have trouble becoming aroused or achieving orgasm while on ecstasy, but others swear by it as the ultimate sex enhancing drug. 


For men who have difficulty maintaining and erection while high  on ecstasy  it will probably be better to explore different ways of pleasing your partner. Some people find that being with someone you are familiar and comfortable with is much better. In this scenario kissing and touching can be an unusually pleasurable and rewarding experience.


The downside of Ecstasy is that you will have a serious comedown when the drug has run its course. Studies have show ecstasy damages the nerves containing serotonin. This damage is irreversible. Serotonin regulates things such as decision making. Also Ecstasy MDMA is illegal.


Most people are aware of Cocaine. Cocaine can make you feel powerful, Confident, aroused, aggressive and confident...or quite devilishly the opposite of all those. It's not called the "Devils Dandruff" for nothing.  The only advice here is... Buyer beware... Once you get on that roller coaster it may be difficult to get off, especially for the weak willed out there.