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Nyotiamori - Naked Sushi

Posted by admin on May 23, 2019


Have you ever eaten Sushi served off a naked female body..? Nyotaimori is the name of the practice of serving Sushi this way. The origins of Nyotaimori can be traced back to the Geisha houses of old Japan. When conquering Samurai returned from battle they were rewarded in this manner. In modern times it became popularised as entertainment by Japans Yakuza gangsters.
In the West the practice of Nyotaimori is more familiarly know as "naked sushi". And as more and more Sushi establishment proliferate this artful dining experience is becoming increasingly popular in Western cities such as London, Paris and New York.
The best Nyotaimori models cannot be random females plucked from a model agency. They should have proper training in the attributes required... the ability to remain lying still for at least 2hrs without moving, no visible amusement , also calmness is required in order to be able to keep the body temperature regulated and cool.  The importance of hygiene cannot be understated, the body must be clean freshly bathed(with fragrance free soap) and preferably all body hair shaven. To go even further in avoiding contamination its better to prevent the food actually touching the body by covering the skin with leaves such as banana leaf and placing the sushi on this.

So if you have ever had your curiosity piqued by the of eating Sushi off the body of a naked model, more than likely the possibilty is not as remote as you may think, although it will not be cheap. Although Nyotiamori has been associated with sex and sexual fantasies most reputable establishments that offer this dining experience will let you know at the start the the model are off limits. Its better to enjoy the culinary experience and the quality of the sushi.

You are unlikely to find Nyotaimori on the regular schedule/menu of you local Japanese restaurant, rather these tend to be one off events hosted on a pre publicised day, such as Buddha  Bar London which held "The Naked Sushi Experience" last year. 
In your search for a Nyotaimori experience in your city Google will be your best friend!

his is my first blog post.