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Lights, Camera, Action... Sex Tape!

Posted by admin on May 13, 2018

So you want to make a sex tape? You have thought about it and your convinced its a good idea.. think again! If your still gung-ho(excuse the pun) after thinking again then its time to get the practicalities out of the way. Firstly and foremost you need to ensure your intended partner is fully on board, this is of the utmost importance not just for his/her comfort but also from a legal standpoint.

Once you have this you need to discuss specifics of what you intend to, it is important that you both agree with the purpse and what to do with the hardcopy when you have completed your mission. This will help you both to be relax and be comfortable enough to enjoy your performance.

In order for you to both relax and perform well in front of cameras you will both have to be in the mood, plenty of foreplay should make you both relaxed and unselfconscious in front of the cameras.

You will need to find the ideal location for filming. You may have a few ideas and think that there are various workable options for this, but the best thing is to keep it classy and spring for a hotel room (the swankier the better)

Now you have set the location, you will need a camera that's good enough to capture all the action. There is no need to invest in a professional high spec camera, the camera on you phone will do just fine (most current smart phone have decent high res cameras). It will be worthwhile obtaining a tripod because you are going to need a stable surface for your camera. There is also no need to worry about lighting equipment, natural light is usually the best light for filming.

Once you have everything set up its time to play dress up and party. You don't want your video to be boring, this is the time to explore your fantasies, take the opportunity to dress up or engage in role play you can even pretend to be "Porn Stars"... But whatever you do, remember that when it comes down to sex positions there are some positons that look better on camera and some that look awful... any positions that make the body look longer are good.

Here are some positions that make the female body look good when filming sex scenes:- 


Reverse cowgirl

Doggy Style

Open Spoon

Positions to avoid are any complicated postions and any position that going to show roles of fat in weird places.

Now you have all the information needed for you grand production , all that's left to say is - Lights camera action!