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Ladies only - Lesbian Sex

Posted by admin on December 7, 2017

When you imagine that type of person who uses an escort service it will typically be a male who comes to mind (probably older). But in reality, the clientele of an escort agency can vary widely and very few clients are serial gropers of the Donald Trump school of etiquette. The important point to note here is that men are not the only one who seek paid companionship…

Surveys commissioned recently have established that the number of females who are or have considered paying for Male or Female escort services has quadrupled in the last 4 years. Apparently not all women are interested in a traditional relationship, while other say the use of escort service is a means of experimenting with their sexuallity without judgement or commitment. 

Club ill Repute is an agency that has been offering female to female companionship for a couple of years now. If you are a gay female or are on the path of self-discovery heading towards being open about your sexuality A companionship agency such as ours is a route to consider.  An agency ensures privacy. If you use an app such a tinder to arrange a blind date, there is a possibility of being seen out with your companion when you would prefer to be more discrete about you liaison.

Although the image of female sexuality Is more conservative to that of men, stories of wild lesbian debauchery in the escort scene can equal those of men.  Ever since the debut of the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” women have become more forward in exploring their kinky side and enjoying all manner of weird and wonderful things.  Sales of Sex Toys are doubling almost year on year, sex is no more the old boring mundane stuff, women now have the avenues to access the accessories needed to enjoy a more varied menu of sexual fantasies. Also the high rates of elite agencies predicates that mostly the wealthy international jetsetters from London, Dubai, New York, etc.. who are travelling for business or a leisure weekend become clients.  Professionals and high net-worth individuals may book a companion of their choice for an evening or perhaps they would prefer a travel booking to fly them to an exotic location for a naughty weekend. 

Agencies find that they get plenty of calls from middle aged women who have been unsure of their sexuality but have come to a point in their lives where they are comfortable enough to put themselves through a personal test with a paid female companion to finally explore which way they swing. Hiring an escort ensures privacy for a woman who may have spent many years in the closet but wishes to explore a new sensual experience with another woman. These women may not be sure they are genuinely lesbian and would like to try it out in a simple way without any complications.

A reputable agency only provides genuinely bisexual or lesbian girls to women who are seeking this experience. A woman who is truly into women can tell when her companion is not into it and is faking. For women who have taken many years to choose this path it is important that their first experience not be disappointment, choose your companionship agency well and this will not be the case.