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Hot Sexy Shower

Posted by admin on January 22, 2019

Turn up the romance with by changing the usual scene and looking at your partner naked, wet and soapy...

Sex in the shower is a fantasy that many of us have had, but it's not easy to do correctly.  Apart from the fact that its "slippery when wet"' there are many other pitfalls on the road to achieving an enjoyable outcome. For those of you who have not perfected this extracurricular activity Club ill Repute is here to guide you with 8 useful tips.

1. Preparation

Although spontaneity is recommend for injecting excitement into your romantic life, when it comes to bathroom sex its best to do your preparation.  A dirty shower is not sexy(for most people), clean your shower/bathroom and put away any bottles of shower gel or shampoos they may be laying around and as well as any other object such as razors that may be hazardous to your health during you romantic shower.

Fill your shower with items that you will need to pamper yourself and your partner, such as scented oils massage brushes and loads of clean soft fluffy towels. Also a rubber matt will may be a good idea... as mentioned earlier, its "slippery when wet"!

If you have children or other people sharing your home with you it would be wise to make sure the shower door is locked... having someone barge into the bathroom during your sexy shower is a definite passion killer... unless thats something you are both into...?


2. Cleanliness

Even though you are going in the shower, its a good idea to shower before you shower... You will both be exploring each others body more intimately than usual, areas that have not been thoroughly cleaned may be a turn off. Do your personal grooming before your shower sex session.

3. Toys


Don't forget to bring your (adult)toys along, obviously anything battery operated will be a no no(unless its waterproof). You can also make use of common everyday bathroom accessories like the shower head. Inventive use of the shower head can stimulate you both in ways your usual toys can not!

5. Common sense

In the heat of the moment its easy to loose sight of when you are pushing the sexual boundaries and when you are actually courting real danger. It may feel nice and naughty to insert things in different orifices, but we recommend you use your common sense because somethings can cause injury and pain which may not be noticeable until after all he excitement has died down.

6. Time

Make sure you have enough time available to make it a leisurely occasion. You want to take you time soaping and massaging your partners body in order to build up the excitement and drive them wild. You don't want to make it a rush job as this will not be sexy and can also increase the chance of an accident. Do savour the moment.

7. Not to long

Event though you should take you time and enjoy your session, you do not want to make it last too long. It could become boring, your extremities may wither and skin become prunish!

8. Be adventurous

The exciting thing about shower sex is that it departs from the norm, its not something that occurs very often. You should use the session to be more adventurous and explore each others sexual boundaries. If it's the first time with your partner being romantic in the shower there may be some clumsiness to start with as you will not be used to the situation, but do not despair as it should not take long to get the hang of it. Experiment with different positions until you find something that is the most comfortable and stimulating. Differences in height will require you to explore more positions until you find the perfect fit.

If you and your partner are not able to get comfortable in shower you can use the shower as a stimulating warm up and retire to the bedroom for the main event.

Have fun and enjoy!