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Fetish and Fantasy 2019

Posted by admin on April 22, 2019

A lot of individuals become confused by the differences between “Fetish” and “Fantasy”. If you happen to be one of those labouring under such confusion we will clear your mind for you. 

A “Sexual Fantasy” is something you spend a lot of waking hours visualising and having thoughts of… some times during sex or while pleasuring yourself. Some of the fantasies you have, you can realistically see yourself acting them out in reality while others fantasies you will prefer to remain in your head.

In the case of a ‘Sexual Fetish”, this is something physical (an object or body part) that will have to be in close proximity to yourself in order for you to become aroused or achieve sexual gratification.

The difference in between a Fantasy and a Fetish can be explained quite simply. For example lets say you fantasize about a girl who is very busty and with long dark hair, you will still be able to enjoy sex with you wife who is flat chested and wears her blonde hair in a short bob. On the other hand if it is actually a Fetish you have for a busty brunette it will be very difficult to become sexually aroused with a girl of different physical characteristics.

There are literally hundreds of sexual fetishes out there. Some of these are very obscure and only a few people have heard of them (let alone indulge in them). Other fetishes happen to be very popular. For example:-


Voyeurism and Exhibitionism 

This is one the most of us can relate to, although some people with this fetish can take it to the extreme. Have you ever stolen looks from behind your sunglasses at that sexy girl sunbathing on the beach? This is something a Voyeur will take to the extreme - from arousal to orgasm. When you observe an unsuspecting person removing their clothes or in the sexual act, this is considered Voyeurism. 

Receiving sexual enjoyment for the act of exposing your private parts to someone who is not expecting this is Exhibitionism.


Rubber and Latex 

Those who have a fetish for Rubber and Latex are rewarded with intense sexual enjoyment when they or their lover is wearing any latex or rubber garment,


Foot Fetish

This is mainly a sexuall attraction to bare feet. In most case its the man who becomes sexually arosed by the sight/smell/touch of a woman bare feet.


Domination / Submission. 

Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadomasochism are all group of fetish activities know as BDSM

Those who are into bondage enjoy being tied up or restrained. The Discipline part of BDSM is the person(Dominant) who trains the Submissive to behave a certain way while promising punishment if the person fails to behave in such a way. In the case the of Sadomasochism  the Sadist it the person who's sexual gratification is gained from inflicting pain on their partner, whilst the Masochist is the partner the derives pleasure from such pain.

Whichever your Fetish or Fantasy, if you are having trouble finding a willing partner... have no fear because there will alway be an escort who is willing to assist!