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Fast Cars and Sexy Women..?

Posted by admin on September 3, 2018

Since the dawn of the motorcar car dealers have claimed and maintained as the number one selling point  that the car a man drives is most important when it comes to attracting a woman. This idea has recently been confirmed by psychologists. 
Researchers at an unnamed university conducted an experiment in which women were shown two photos of  the same man sitting in two different cars. The first a £1100000 Ferrari and the second a beet up old Opel.
The ages of the female subjects where between 20 and 41.  Scientists where amazed at the results... All the women picked the man in the Ferrari ahead of the same guy in the Opel.
The head of the research arrived to the conclusion that women will give a higher rating to a man if he is behind the wheel of fast expensive vehicle than if he is driving an old jalopy.
The relationship between fast cars and humanbeings is an interesting one, but more importantly can fast cars lead to sexual arousal..?
In general fast cars are visually appealing. When fast cars are mentioned what usually comes to mind are super cars like Ferrari's or Lamborghini's. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but either car can visually generate a feeling of pleasure. Pleasant feelings generated by the visual beauty of one of these super cars can be transferred to the man behind the wheel and therefore become a catalyst for physical attraction between the woman looking and the man driving. Your super car could in this case be considered nothing more than the enormous gloriously coloured feathers of a peacock.
This article may or may not be "tongue in cheek"
Its not unusual for a fast car to be more expensive than more practical and less speedy options. The perceived wealth of the driver of a fast car is interpreted as an ability to earn, following on from this is the perception of the ability to provide financial security. From this we can conclude that you have an increased chance of attracting a woman who is seeking a man to provide the said financial security... simultaneously you will have an increased chance of attracting a gold digger.
This article may or may not beo "tongue in cheek"