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Broken Dick

Posted by admin on February 26, 2020

A medical study has ranked the most popular positions used during sex according to how dangerous they are. Now you can find out the most risky and the least risky acts.

Certain behaviour when it comes to bedroom antics come with a danger warning according to this new study.

This was a genuine medical study where the researchers analysed the risks associated with different sexual positions.
Doctors research was focused mainly on men and looked into the positions used during sexual activity that where most hazardous for the male.
The number one most dangerous on the list of positions examined was the position we also know as "doggy style". Basically the research concluded  this sex position was the one used in 42% of cases where men where admitted to hospitals for breaking their dicks... or in medical terms "Penile Fracture"
The researchers concluded that the second most dangerous position is the sexual position we most employ when feeling lazy or lacking imagination - the Missionary Position. Causing 25 percent of broken dicks
When it comes to broken dicks, researchers discovered the "Cowgirl" or the "The rider" or what boring people call "Woman on top", should (as well as being known as a popular  position for enabling women to have extra stimulation), also now be known as third most dangerous sexual position for men
The study's authors say they did not observe how severe the differneces were in broken dicks between sex positions "doggy style and "Man on top", but the 'doggy style" tended to present a more severe broken dick when it was compared to penile fractures that occured from use of the woman on top sexual position. The research team studied 90 patients whose symptoms corresponded with penile fracture and where diagnosed as such and aquired their data
The average age of the studies participants was 39 years
In order of full disclosure the terms "penile fracture" and "Broken Penis" do not truly apply, because the Penis does not actually have a bone.  "Bending Trauma" is what is actually refered to by the term "Penile fractures", it is a nasty injury occurs to the penile muscle. The erectile tissue will  rip when an erect penis is abruptly folded or bent.
If your dick breaks during sexual intercourse the first thing you hear will be a cracking sound, followed by the feeling of intense pain  in your penile area. Usually after this you will start to swell and bruise.
It not always that a broken dick needs surgery, you can simply close your dick for business and give it a rest with an ice pack. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't see a doctor! Best to see a doctor just incase... in the long term you don't want to end up with "J" shaped dick