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Better Sex

Posted by admin on February 20, 2018

We would all like to put on a better performance in bed. Be it needing more flexibility for that new difficult to manage position or more stamina for that extra thrust. All real men (and women) want to lead their partners to the bedroom feeling the confidence that comes from the knowledge that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sexual activity requires the body to use muscles that are usually inactive during everyday movements. Sometimes the thought of having sex can be stressful enough without having to worry about lack of stamina or strength. The session will be much more enjoyable, and you will be able to explore more sexual possibilities with each other if you have trained your body to perform at a higher level.

We have described some sex positions you can experiment with and the exercises you can do to make them more pleasurable.


THE FACE OFF POSTION (aka the Lap Dance)

To enhance this sex position the V-Sit is the preferred exercise.

To perform this position, you basically stay seated in a chair with your partner seated on your lap facing you. She can control the action in this position and there is ample room for her to play with herself at the same time. But even though you will remain seated in this position it does not mean that you can take a break, you may even feel a little back pain from the weight of your partner sitting in your lap. To stop this from happening you need to build up your core strength with the V-sit.

To do the V-sit be seated on the floor, lift your legs to a 45% angle and reach your arms forward or grasp your ankles. Your body should have formed a V shape. Hold this position for as long as you can… repeat several times.


THE IRON CHEF (also known as Kitchen Confidential)

The best exercise to prepare for this is the Sandbag Bear Hug Squat

To perform this sex position, you stand up and your partner holds onto you with her hands on your shoulder or around your neck, while she has her legs wrapped around your thighs or bum. In this position you can go deep but supporting your partners weight whilst penetrating her can be quite a challenge. You’re going to need good upper and lower body strength for this one. 

Get your holding game right and your leg strength better with the sandbag bear hug squat. To do this exercise you hug a sandbag (gym type) by holding it tightly against your chest whilst doing the same squatting movement you would normally perform with a barbell for different squatting movements. Perform 3 sets of 5 to 10 reps



Train the muscles for this with the Hollow-Body Bridge Hold 

A very simple and popular position. The man lays back on the bed and the women sits astride him. Some of you may be thinking “she’s on top so I will just lay here and let her get on with it… But real gentleman does not let a lady do all the heavy lifting. Your body will have to be a solid and stable for her, also you will need to have strong abs and chore strength for this, more over you will need to raise your hips to meet her thrusts without injuring your back, which will require strengthened hip flexors.

To do the hollow bridge hold lay back on the floor feet together and toes extended while squeezing your thighs together.  You then the move your hands to the side at a 45% angle from your body, pressing your heels and palms to the floor whilst at the same time squeezing your glutes. Raise you hips a few inches of the floor but keep your feet, shoulders and head in contact with the ground, hold this position for as long as possible and repeat several times.



Bowling ball style push ups will elevate your performance.

Certainly, the missionary position is not the most imaginative of sexual positions, but it is by a long shot the worlds number one position and the reason for this is simple… for the majority of people it is the best position. Intimacy that heightens pleasure is created by close body contact and extreme eye to eye, body as well as face to face contact, allowing a deep connection to be made with your partner.

If you do not have good upper body strength your arms and shoulders can become tired which can cause strain and pain in the lower back, thus reducing both yours and your partners pleasure. In order to prevent this the exercise, you should do is push ups, in particular bowling push ups.

To do bowling push ups you get into the normal push up position (which everyone should know how to do!), your elbows should remain close to your sides lower your body as you would in the normal push up movement and stop when your chest is a few inches off the floor. At the same time as you are performing the push up movement squeeze your buttocks muscles and move your hips down to floor, push up and straighten you arms arching your head and chest towards the ceiling. Hold this position for a second or two and then lift your hips up until you have returned to the push up position. Repeat the movement for as many reps as you can.